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This database and web application was developed by J.D. Hogan, Jessica Keenan, and Lingqi Luo, and supervised by Cynthia Bradham. This project was developed at Boston University for BE768 in Spring 2013, with Gary Benson as the instructor.

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Project Description

The sea urchin is a valuable model organism for studing embryonic development because of the simplicity and functional diversity of its genome. Cynthia Bradham's lab, which researches the sea urchin L. variegatus (Lv), performed RNA-seq experiments on the eleven stages of embryonic development in Lv.

The L. variegatus Embryonic Development Gene Expression Database (LvEDGEdb) is a database that stores the sequence and gene expression data for urchin genes for all timepoints. We aim to provide an intuitive web application that will allow researchers to easily retrieve and view the data from the database and add new annotations for genes based on their own research.

Developmental Stages 2-cell 60-cell Early blastula Hatched blastula Thickened vegetal plate Mesenchyme blastula Early gastrula Mid gastrula Late gastrula Early pluteus Late pluteus

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